Drop Arm Ball Joint Rebuild Kit

Steering getting a bit loose? This kit contains everything you need (except the grease) to repair and rebuild the drop arm ball joint of all Defenders and early Range Rovers with the STC1045 curved drop arm. Also suitable for any vehicle converted to Defender style steering. $24


CV Joints



This is the CV joint corresponding to LR part numbers STC3051 and/or TDJ000010 and one circlip. This CV will fit NAS Defender 90s, ABS equipped 24/32 spline Range Rover Classics and NAS Discovery Series One. The CV joint is manufactured to ISO9002 regulations, by ProCat, a leading aftermarket manufacturer of CV joints and catalytic converters. Per ProCat, "production is maintained by some of the latest computerized precision machines ensuring quality consistency throughout the production". You could pay up to $239 elsewhere. Even if you don't think you need a CV right now, at this price you should carry a spare. CV joints are commonly broken off-road so don't get caught without a spare.

Now only $85 each while supplies last.


Discovery I and Range Rover Classic Expansion Tank

If you still have the old black plastic expansion tank shown below, you're on borrowed time. At the very least you should carry one of the new white plastic tanks with you. It's not a big job to install and will save you from the disabling effect of the exploding black tanks. The new white plastic tanks are improved in both material and construction. $59

At the Big Bear Rover Rendezvous 2003, we lost two trucks in the space of one hour, due to these old black tanks splitting their seams. Don't take that chance.

More parts coming soon