Standard JATE ring - 3 1/4" opening - $44 each.  Wide JATE ring - 3 3/4" opening - $44 each.

The standard JATE ring will fit most stock Land Rovers front and back, in place of the factory transit loops. The wide JATE ring is designed to fit over a steering guard or brush guard that has increased the mounting point beyond the opening of the standard JATE ring. Despite being ground down to accommodate the extra width, the wide JATE ring is still used extensively by the British military.

Rear Range Rover Classic                               Front Discovery Series II

JATE - Joint Air Transport Establishment

The standard JATE rings will fit the rear of a Discovery Series II if the factory trailer hitch is not installed. The wide JATE rings will fit over the factory trailer hitch.

        Front Defender                                  Rear Discovery Series II

Standard equipment on virtually every military Land Rover. Ideal for air extractions.

I include zinc plated metric 8.8 hardware with each ring.