3.5 TON - $69                             5 TON - $169

Pair of 3.5 TON - $135             Camel 3 pack - Pair of 3.5 TON and a 5 TON - $299

These are the genuine "as used by the Camel Trophy" tow jaws. For optimum strength and safety they must be mounted to a thick flat steel bumper using suitable backing plates. These are the ultimate recovery points for the serious off-roader.  Oh, and they look bad-ass too. Made in Deeside, England. Hardware is not included. The 3.5 TON jaw takes two 16mm bolts and the 5 TON jaw takes four 12mm bolts. Dixon-Bate specifies metric 8.8 hardware.

The rear frame member of most Series Land Rovers and Defenders is predrilled to take a Dixon-Bate 5 ton tow jaw.

I used Metric Blue 12.9 hardware to install the 3.5 ton tow jaws on my Terrain Master bumper