BG 44KŪ Total Deposit Control and Fuel System Cleaner

I've used many different fuel additives over the years. I started using this recently and I'm very pleased with the results. I'm getting a smoother idle and better performance. It's the strongest cleaner that can safely be added to your fuel system. Here are some quotes from BG:

"Always the best of the best fuel system clean-up additives, BG 44KŪ now has been improved to provide even better clean-up in critical areas of the fuel and exhaust systems. These are features that give your vehicle significantly improved performance; smoother, cleaner operation and reduced maintenance costs. Helps keep your vehicle running stronger, longer."

"After one tankful of fuel treated with BG 44KŪ Advanced Formula, you will hear and feel the difference! BG 44KŪ whisks accumulated deposits away so effectively you will enjoy that new-car feeling again!"

$19 per 11oz can.