AmSteel-Blue is a direct replacement for the wire cable that came with your winch. It is approximately 40% stronger than the equivalent wire cable, about 15% of the weight of wire cable, and much safer to use. Winch rope is currently mandated by the sanctioning bodies of all major rock-crawling organizations. AmSteel-Blue is one of the most popular synthetic winch ropes in use today. It has one of the highest resistances to wear and flex-fatigue of all synthetic ropes. The safety issues alone of rope v. cable are reasons enough to switch to AmSteel-Blue. The ease of use and weight advantage are a nice bonus. AmSteel-Blue doesn't get coiled in the shape of the winch drum like cable does. It doesn't kink and develop sharp frays like cable can. It doesn't conduct electricity, heat or cold. It won't rust, stretch or recoil if stressed to breaking point. When I switched out the cable on my Warn HS9500i I made a point to weigh the cable and roller fairlead that I removed and compare them to the weight of the rope and aluminum hawse fairlead that I installed in their place. I was amazed to find almost a 35 lb weight advantage to the rope setup. Check it out for yourself:

A 10' abrasion guard is included with each rope. The guard is flexible and compact enough to spool in with the rope and can be moved along the rope to protect against sharp rocks when winching.

5/16" x 100' - $169

5/16" x 125' - $207

3/8" x 100' - $225

3/8" x 125' - $282

Shipping on all winch ropes is $10 to the lower 48 states.

Minimum strength - 5/16" rope 12,330 lbs. - 3/8" rope 18,401 lbs.

Average strength - 5/16" rope 13,700 lbs. - 3/8" rope 20,445 lbs.

All AmSteel-Blue Winch Ropes feature an extra large crimped terminal end

and a heavy duty rope thimble sized to accept the largest of shackles and hooks (sold separately)

Winch Extensions

5/16" x 50' - $99

3/8" x 50' - $132

Extension Kit Bag - $10

Shipping on extension ropes with or without kit bag is $8 to the lower 48 states.

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